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Episode 34 of Atsuhime was gleeee :) Miyazaki Aoi totally held her own in this role, switching from stern to soft-spoken in one speech. OMG. Need to hunt for Atsuhime icons.

I finally finished all 50 episodes of Atsuhime. I have many, many good things to say about this series, and this series made me tear up many times, especially in the beginning. Although it went downhill towards the end in terms of plot, I still think it's a solid series overall, probably one of the best taiga drama in years. Speaking of taiga drama, I haven't watched that many, but this series in particular really made me feel like I was watching history. People in the series act like how they would act during that period and there are things are that are unique to that period only. And the overall atmosphere in certain episodes made me feel like I was flipping through an aged history book. I personally find this lacking in Asian period dramas in general, but I have it in taiga drama.
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K. I watched it for Spitz, otherwise I don't think I'd sit through 70 minutes of boredom. Kinda reminded me of a slower Japanese version of Lost in Translation + Before Sunrise. Probably even less than that, as there was nothing going on. More like a series of music videos than anything else (and mismatched music and video at that). Anyways, the last ten minutes are really the essence of the movie and I was particularly moved by the walkman "Robinson" scene (it may have to do with Spitz, oh well). I also like the beginning when Miyazaki Aoi's character said what she feels for Nishijima Hidetoshi's character isn't romantic love, but a different kind that's more profound than romantic love. I suppose a part of me longs for (is envious?) this kind of relationship (?). Nishijima Hidetoshi is the type of guy who looks handsome in a dorky/lazy kind of way. I remember him from episode 1 of Aoi Yuu x 4tsu no Uso Camouflage, and in both roles he played the average man, sorta loser, old but goofy. Kinda reminded me of My Boss (except My Boss is the narcissistic extroverted, happy-go-lucky type of guy).

And listening to Spitz reminded me of Hachikuro all over again....


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