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I'm not too impressed with the first two episodes of Ryoma-den, but the second episode is an improvement, if only for that father-son compromise/reconciliation moment at the end. Which reminds me, one should do what one is good at. I am not good at anything, does that mean that I am screwed? But that mindset won't get me anywhere....

Matsu Takako has official become one of my favorite Japanese actress. She first caught my eye in Yamada Yoji's The Hidden Blade as the understated Kie. I last saw her in Iwai Shunji's April Story, which is a wonderful coming-of-age (?) story (?) that is only 67 minutes long. She is also active in theatre and music and has apparently appeared in some very popular Jdramas  opposite KimuTaku which I do not plan to watch. I can't quite say why I like her. Perhaps one of the reason is that I don't find her beautiful at first sight, but find her more beautiful the more l look at her. In other words, she's very 耐看 (I feel that Aoi Yuu also has this quality).

Because Liar Game 2 turned me into Matsuda Shota fangirl mode, I've been watching some of his works here and there. He's mostly eye-candy until I saw him in A Long Walk. He's only in it for about 30 minutes, but his performance in those 30 minutes is better than anything I've seen by him. Ok, I haven't watched Ikigami, for which he won an award or something. Maybe it has to do with his character in A Long Walk, that it's not some ido-centric character but a Passenger A.
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So news (Baidu) reached me that one of my favorite Japanese actress, Aoi Yuu, will join the cast of the new Taiga drama, Ryoma-den!!! Prolly a small role but I'm looking forward to this even more (speaking of which, did the sub come out yet....)!


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